3D Full Body Scanner 

R&D, Manufacturing, Service for 3D Body shape Measurement Solution. 

A precision body shape measurement system that can be configured in various ways depending on the purpose of application.

Based on the know-how accumulated through continuous technology development, PMT Innovation utilizes an obesity management hospital that pursues scientific analysis techniques, a customized clothing development company, a fitness center and 3D anthropometric DB to identify the trend of body changes after exercise. We are building steady partnerships with professional groups including university professors.

Specialized Solution

PMT Innovation has built 3D body modeling and measurement programs based on our own developed hardware and 3D rendering engine.

On-site Customized Support

We provide solutions optimized for on-site movement according to usage and installation space, and support training programs. 


We are building a mutual collaborative partnership for system optimization by combining client's requirements analysis and PMT Innovation's solution.

Accumulated Know-how

By collaborating with practical experts in various fields, we are accumulating know-how that is being successfully launched in the business field. 

Products List

PFS-304 Series

3D Full Body Scanner that is ideal for places requiring precise 3D measurement, such as health check-up centers and obesity management hospitals.

PFS-303 Apparel

A scanner specialized in clothing service equipped with a measurement program for customized clothing.

Shape Care

New turntable type scanner for fitness with body composition measurement function.


Obesity Management
Obesity & Posture Management
Posture Analysis (unreleased)
Measurement for Apparel
Database management & utilization