All about taking care of your body shape.

Shape Care 3D full body scanner.

It can be used in various body shape management centers such as aesthetic shops, fitness and Pilates centers.

Through the intuitive and easy-to-use new S/W UI, various human body-related analyzes are performed based on 3D modeling data.

- Increases the reliability of customer consultation by providing quantified measurement results.

- 3D images enable easy-to-understand, intuitive consultation for customers.

- It is easy to prove the effectiveness of exercise and treatment by checking the change trend.

Body shape analysis and body size measurement

Obesity-related indicators such as BMI, WHR, and WHtR, and circumference values, cross-sectional area of more than 15 major body parts such as chest, waist, hip, and thigh and partial volume are automatically measured.

Posture analysis

Shape Care shows the degree of forward/backward/left/right movement of major body parts, left/right height imbalance information, front/rear rotation angle, etc. through 3D image and cross sectional view.
Body composition measurement

Shape Care is equipped with an 8-point BIA-type body composition analysis module, which provides body composition measurement results such as weight, body fat percentage, body water, muscle mass, and skeletal muscle mass.

Multilingual support

Shape Care's software can be used in three languages: Korean, English, and Japanese, so it is possible to respond flexibly to foreign customers' consultations.

E-mailing of measurement results

3D measurement results can be consulted directly with customers through a monitor, or summary results can be directly shared with customers through printer printing and e-mail sending.

Shape Care specifications and structure

Shape Care product configuration

In addition to the basic configuration, Shape Care can be used simultaneously in a large-scale environment where the 3D scanning room and counseling room are separated by additionally configuring NAS (Network Attached Storage).

You can also purchase additional accessories such as a dedicated cabinet and dedicated carpet that can be used neatly by holding a monitor and storing a PC and NAS.

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