PFS-304 Series

Simple and fast 3D scan of the human body within 10 seconds with one click of a button

The camera module rotates 360 degrees to scan

Use a light source that is harmless to the human body

Scanning in a general indoor lighting environment

Features & Application

System Features

  • Provide customized solutions suitable for user's usage purpose
  • Create loss-free 3D data regardless of the people's clothing material or color
  • By utilizing the database, various analysis information according to the purpose is provided

Main Use

  • Obesity management hospital
  • Large Hospital Health Check-up Center
  • University Sports Science Institute
  • Enterprise Lab
  • Public health centers and public institutions
Model Name
Main Use
PFS-304PFS-304AAnthropometry - Measurement of the human body, researchResearch institutes, universities, apparel manufacturing and service companies
Obesity - Obesity analysis, body shape managementObesity Clinic, Plastic Surgery
Posture - Posture analysisOrthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation Medicine, Sports Clinic
Mass Scan - Body measurements, statistics, clothing makingGroup shot - military base, police, school

System Dimension